We as a church staff have been using this incredible software for several months.  It has streamlined so many areas of administration and ministry for us, and we want the entire church family to recognize the potential it holds for us as a body.  

Here are some of the areas we use it for:

  • Worship planning - currently we load all of our songs from CCLI into the database so all of our worship team members can view chord sheets, lyrics, and even videos to the songs being performed.  This helps our worship team spend more time preparing for ministry without rehearsals at the church as often.
  • Financial recording - All giving is recorded in Elvanto.  You have the access to view your pledges and contributions real time, and download giving statements as you need them.
  • Check-in system - All families who have children in the nursery or toddler class currently use Elvanto to check in their children for service, and print labels for the children to wear.  Shortly we will be rolling out a check-in process for all kids through 5th grade, as well as for volunteers to check-in so a name badge will print for them to wear while they serve.
  • Contact management - This is one of my favorite pieces to the software.  I can now text and/or email to our church family so much easier than before.  You must give us your cell phone number and cell company provider for this feature to work.
  • Volunteer scheduling - Now, everyone who is "rostered" to serve in any area is scheduled through Elvanto.  Each volunteer gets a text and email reminding them of the opportunity.  You are able to Confirm or Decline your availability at that time to let the person who oversees the ministry area.
  • Church directory - Now everyone who is a member of the New Life family can have a login to the site, and on the homepage is a link for a church directory.  Gone are the days of printed and out-dated directories.  Now, as people join, it is automatically updated.  You can have access to names, phone numbers, and emails if you need to stay in touch.

These are just a few of the ways we are utilizing Elvanto to minister more effectively at New Life.  If you have any questions, or need help with logging in or setting up your account, see any of the NLA staff for assistance.


God Bless, 

Pastor Ricky